Cartel MGM
Genre HipHop
City Los Angeles, CA
Country USA

Only one year into the rap game and already blazing, Cartel has collaborated with Mizay Entertainment’s Waka Flocka Flame on the street-certified mixtape Salute or Shoot Me 2.5 hosted by DJ Ace and Trap-A-Holics. While the title may suggest conflicting meanings, it was produced with the intent of having a positive impact towards the elimination of violence within the Mexican and African-American communities; a project Cartel is proud to have initiated.

Born in East Los Angeles, CA, which is known for its rampant gang activity, Cartel’s family moved to Atlanta, GA to build a more quality life free from the inner-city perils; but while the youngster’s address was new, his mentality wasn’t. Cartel was living the fast life- all gas and no brakes; that is until he experienced a personal tragedy. “I lost one of my homie’s to some nonsense, which is actually how I got my start. He was so passionate about music it’s like when he died, I inherited his motivation. So I picked up where he left off and been keeping his spirit alive ever since. Now that I’m here, it’s no turning back.”

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