Dusty McFly

City:Detroit, Michigan
Tags:Dusty McFly



Born Derek Talifer and raised in the rough streets of Detroit, MI, Dusty underwent some tough times after his father left his mother before the young rapper was even a teen. Without a man in the house, he became a self-supportive youth, turning to the streets, where he soon made a name for himself as a fledging rapper. Known as "Dusty" in his neighborhood, who later added McFly to his name, is doing all he can to break into the rap game. Of course, as he vividly discusses in his lyrics Dusty subsequently decided to make an untraditional decision and start his own label rather than sign with an established label. Together with his first cousin Otis "T-Slick" Curreathers, he created StarBoy Ent., a risky strategy for cutting out the middleman and making money for himself.Dusty McFly has taking the term "FLY" to a whole other level.


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